5 grounding techniques

during this corona pandemic and the times of social distancing, it is absolutely normal to feel unsafe and like the ground has been ripped out from under you…. our creative minds need to stay focused and grounded and to not jump into the pool of fear and despair but rather keep track of our own truth, goals and new … Continue reading 5 grounding techniques

new years resolution boost

was part of your new years resolution to work out more, be more sustainable, or be more mindful? and now, over a month in… how is it going? personally, i already broke a couple of mine. i know, i know… taking off my makeup every night should not be that hard.  well, if you are … Continue reading new years resolution boost

the cleanse… day. 3

so here it is… a breakdown of how i have been spending the last few days: i adapted this cleanse from LifeSpa, who are really the experts here, so if you have any questions about this whole ayurvedic-cleansing-shabang, then check out their site. they will have all the infos, stats, and medical backup you want. i followed … Continue reading the cleanse… day. 3

the cleanse… day 2.

last night, after eating an early dinner, consisting of the only thing i eat during this ayurvedic cleanse: khichardi, i head out to celebrate my friends’ 30th birthday. the she was celebrating with her closest friends, wine, and antipasti. i was full, satisfied from my delicious dinner, that this cleanse instructed me to eat. but naturally i … Continue reading the cleanse… day 2.

the cleanse… day 1.

being a yogi i naturally have a connection to the ayurvedic practices. in fact it was also my yoga teacher ursula, who recommended an ayurvedic cleanse to reset my entire body. she sent me the pdf. with over 20 pages of instructions, over 3years ago… and it has been sitting quietly in my laptop ever since. … Continue reading the cleanse… day 1.

the ocean… by tara

“the ocean doesn’t hold its breath” – tara judelle ….even though the ocean was not always my friend. (being one of those kids who did not like swimming in the ocean… or even lakes, for that matter.) (which did not stop me from getting my padi open water diving license earlier this year in cambodia … Continue reading the ocean… by tara