a little about me

with my german and american roots, living and working on 3 different continents and during my extensive travels in asia and latin america, i was exposed to many different cultures that influence my style and attitude towards life. i started my career in 2007 in the fashion industry, designing for luxury fashion brands. currently based in new york city, i am also a licensed herbalist, thai bodyworker, and find myself somewhere between collecting designer shoes and living at a buddhist monastery. i have been freelance since 2014, where all my work always comes back to finding, developing, and celebrating uniqueness. for my own life, my clients, collaborators, and brands i work with, i remove what is unnecessary, leaving things that have a personal connection and create an experience, rather than imitating a one-size-fits-all style, or solution. that is eclectic-minimalism.



one of a kind, analog collages and commissioned work


fashion styling for magazine editorials, lookbooks, and campaigns

social media

art direction, content creation, and social media management

for inquiries, sales, or collaborations…