5 grounding techniques

during this corona pandemic and the times of social distancing, it is absolutely normal to feel unsafe and like the ground has been ripped out from under you…. our creative minds need to stay focused and grounded and to not jump into the pool of fear and despair but rather keep track of our own truth, goals and new directions. sharing these 5 grounding techniques, that can fit into any lifestyle, is my way of offering my support, to help you deal with your emotions… and feel safe, strong, and secure.

i don’t think that grounding is something that can be taught in a blog post, because it is a topic with a lot of beautiful depth…… so, i am currently producing a you tube video where i dive deep into what grounding is, where it shows up in the body (with an intro to the seven chakras), and how it relates to the flow of creative energy. it will include easy-to-understand explanations and a variety of techniques to make sure that each one of you finds a tool, or exercise that resonates with you. 

what is “grounding”?

  • grounding sets our foundation and is the base we build new ideas, projects, and businesses on.
  • grounding means connecting to your roots, through which we gain nourishment, power, stability, and growth.
  • grounding provides a sense of safety that is essential to being creative. only when we feel safe, can we be free to create!

why do we feel ungrounded?

  • we live and work in buildings that take us away from the earth.
  • our society holds intellectual work higher in regard than physical work.
  • with modern technology it’s easy to be out of touch with ourselves and mothernature.
  • the daily hustle makes it is hard to advance form the survival mode.

5 easy techniques to help you feel grounded

1. everything we eat has an effect on us. so it’s obvious that there is food that by ingesting it, it can make us feel more grounded. any protein (in my case plant protein!) will take longer to digest and will get the energy to flow to your lower belly. and then there are the root vegetables! i always go to carrots, beets, or sweet potatoes when i want to feel grounded and closer to motherearth. they literally grow underground, have an earthy, woody taste and often also red, the color of the root chakra (which is the chakra that is responsible for grounding and therefor your sense of safety and security).

2. i started using essential oils because of pure vanity….. after more research and experiments, i discovered their powers to alleviate physical and phycological disorders (one of my favorites being grapefruit oil). the most convenient and effective essential oil blend i use, when i want to feel grounded, is this root chakra oil. i rub it on the arches of my feet, or on the bottom of my spine (where i can access the root chakra in my physical body).

3. any physical exercise like jumping jacks, or running… that make you feel the solidity underneath you, will promote grounding and give you a sense of safety. my new favorite exercise, that really strengthens my legs and feet, (which are essentially our roots! they hold us up and give us stability) is jump roping. i invested in this jump set and do a 25 min workout from their app.

4. getting your feet off of concrete, or your hands dirty is a very effective and basic way to get a profound sense of being grounded. but, especially in a city like in new york, it is not so easy to feel connected to mothernature. for that reason i started growing herbs and vegetables in my kitchen and fire escape. growing your on food is not only sustainable, cheaper, and fun… but more importantly, it is a way of connecting back to your roots, by remembering and honoring the wisdom of your ancestors.

5. when you are not grounded, you are most likely in the fight-or-flight mode and on high alert, which makes it hard impossible to relax. when i have a lot going on, feel a wave of anxiety coming in, or just want to get focused before starting a new project… i always rely on breathwork, because it almost immediately calms my mind and shifts my energy. i like using the 4-7-8 technique, when i have trouble falling asleep. i lay flat on my back, breathe in through my nose for the count of 4, hold my breath for the count of 7, and breathe out through my nose for the count of 8. i repeat that a couple of times, usually resulting in deep sleep.

*while you were reading this, you probably noticed a couple spelling and punctuation mistakes. i am very dyslexic and no not have a proofreader. i want to raise awareness for dyslexia, challenge you to read past the mistakes and not let it affect how you perceive my credibility, or smartness. i am not ashamed of being dyslexic, but grateful that is gives me an advantage of how i see and perceive the world. 

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