the ocean… by tara

the ocean doesn’t hold its breath” – tara judelle 2015-03-11IMG_1049 -….even though the ocean was not always my friend. (being one of those kids who did not like swimming in the ocean… or even lakes, for that matter.) (which did not stop me from getting my padi open water diving license earlier this year in cambodia (here you can see and read about some of my cambodian adventures….)) but this past week in a yoga workshop i took with tara judelle (which was super-magical, of course) she spoke a lot about the ocean…. how we came from it…. how we should move like it… and how we can learn from it…..2015-03-11IMG_1042 -hearing that and the fact that the temperatures are rapidly dropping (here in germany) i dug up the photos i took of leanna, on bali…. where we spent most of our days with the powerful energy of the ocean2015-03-11IMG_1039 -2015-03-11IMG_1045 -bali, indonesia… all photos by me

the ocean is a part of mothernature that deserves our deepest respect and we should show gratitude to……

what do you think?

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