why did you shave your head?

it’s been about two months now, since i shaved off my reddened locks. the question i hear most (since that day at the barber shop, in vietnam) is: “why did you shave your hear?” and i answer: “it was something i have always wanted to do, once in my life” (as kind of one of those challenges to myself….). but it’s getting to the point where i can’t really answer that anymore……

bg5a4220photo by leanna www.leannajeanphoto.com

i thought i would shave it once and then let it grow (which i do realize, will take foooooreeeever). but when it gets to a certain stage (in about three days from now… when it has the length that i can actually twist it with my fingers*)…… i want another trim. every time, the clippers run over my head and halve my stubbles, i think: “ok. last time.” but…. i think i am not quite ready for the the growing-phase, yet……… so now i am asking myself “why do i love having a buzz-cut so much?

– of course there is the super-low-maintenance factor…. but (for a lets just say… fashion-victim, like myself) that is not vital.

– i have been receiving methaphorocal-high-fives from other girls (from friends, as well as strangers), for being ballsy enough to do it. admit it, ladies….. how many of us toyed with the thought after seeing nathalie porman in “v for vendetta”?v-for-vendetta-natalie-portman-shaved-head2….or bad-ass demi moore in “g.i. jane”?demi-moore-as-gi-jane i love the thought of inspiring and encouraging others to play with their look and not worry about how it might be perceived…. or all the clichés that might come along with a certain appearance. “be your own kind of beautiful”

– i always liked being one of the boys…. go to a barbershop, sit between after-shave, buzzing clippers, and those brave-ones getting a close shave with a single-blade…. and you’ll know what i mean.

– i am also experiancing the benefits of having a recognizable look. as oppose to changing my look rather frequently, like i used to (which, don’t get me wrong, is suuuuper fun) i experienced people not recognizing me at second encounters.

– then there is the part of me, still trying to not be so attached to thiiiings. and whereas, i do have occasional relapses…… i did successfully complete the challenge of not neeeeeding my hair to feel feminine, or pretty, or whatever….

have you ever done it or considered it? i would love to hear form you!

*i am a rally bad with-hair-player. when my hair was longer, i could not read a book, or watch a movie without twisting and re-twisting strands of my hair. a habit that was replaced with just petting my head. because, who doesn’t like stroking a buzz-cut?

One thought on “why did you shave your head?

  1. I did the same thing,probably the best thing I ever did to myself.
    I was in a stage of starting to love myself, and i was wondering if this self love was a consequence of the female standards I followed, so i was like “i have to love me all the way for what i am”..
    So i put myself test, i decided to do it…..and I passed the test!
    Before i was afraid of evryone judge, now i dont, before i was invisible, now I have woman admire me, and men like me more.
    Reading this post it felt like it was my mind speaking,my compliments!

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