the cleanse… day. 3

so here it is… a breakdown of how i have been spending the last few days:

i adapted this cleanse from LifeSpa, who are really the experts here, so if you have any questions about this whole ayurvedic-cleansing-shabang, then check out their site. they will have all the infos, stats, and medical backup you want. i followed their Short Home Cleanse (you can also download their free (very detailed) e-book here). i just made a couple of little tweaks (mainly because i had trouble finding the right things, here in germany and i didn’t quite find it necessary to spend 30 dollars on shipping alone).

if you are really interested in the exact details and explanations, and might want to try this yourself, i suggest you go with the version that LifeSpa supplies. but here is a break-down of how i have been doing this 4-day cleanse:

first thing in the morning, i drink melted ghee – on the first day 2 tsp, on the second 4 tsp,  today 6 tsp and tomorrow 8 tsp). yes, this really is not pleasant… quite horrible, to be more exact. after that i do a couple of sun salutations, followed by 8min of a cleansing breathing exercise, and a round of mediation guided by wonderful Sally Kampton on

by then i already feel effing great! (like i told you on day 1… meditation is the key factor to a good mind-body cleanse) then i start making my meals for the day. i am having khichardi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. it is basically a classic indian dish made of rice and split yellow mong beans (i am still refining the recipe a bit and will share it with you tomorrow). i have never really felt hungry during this entire time and i actually found my wanting for food quite interesting. one would think that a chocolate cake, potato chips, or a steak would be first on the list, of things my mouth is watering for… but no. surprisingly, most of all i have been wanting to bite into the apple, that has lonelily been lying in my fruit bowl. and that’s just an example for what i like about this: learning more about myself and what my mind and body really want / need.


15 min before each meal i have two slices of fresh raw peeled ginger, drizzled with fresh lemon, and sprinkled with sea salt. yum! (i think i will continue that after this is over) after each meal i have a cup of dandelion tea and twice a day a 1/4 tsp of turmeric, mixed with 1 tsp of honey, and a pinch of pepper. also, yum! at this point i can strongly recommend to having a rest. this detoxing has been costing my body a whole lot of energy and laying down after each meal, relaxing with my eyes closed, or even taking a nap has been hugely beneficial in making it through the day.

in the evening i take a hot shower (only because i don’t have a bathtub…), after i massage my body with garshana gloves. i bought my raw silk glove, at Indian Shop in munich. personally, i had never heard of such a thing before, but at that store it was apparently a very normal thing to ask for and even came with detailed instruction on how to massage the body, to simulate your lymphatic system.

then i jump into bed with a hot water bottle on my belly. the best!

apart from only drinking herbal no-cafine tea (a lot of it!), not wearing make-up, or using other chemicals on my body (luckily my personal hygiene products are all-natural anyway), and not watching tv,…. that’s it. this is the way i have been spending my days.

how am i feeling? well, like i mentioned… i am exhausted. good thing, i extra blocked these days in my calendar. not only because i knew the prepping would be a lot, but ursula (my spiritual mentor and you teacher, who has done this cleanse many times) told me that it is quite exhausting. she had warned me about the ghee in the mornings, too….

tomorrow is the last day. let’s see how it goes… but for now, i am ready to go to never-never-land.

please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions about it all. 

what do you think?

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