new years resolution boost

was part of your new years resolution to work out more, be more sustainable, or be more mindful? and now, over a month in… how is it going?

personally, i already broke a couple of mine. i know, i know… taking off my makeup every night should not be that hard. 

well, if you are having trouble getting motivated to get your booty to the gym, or you just don’t know where else to find clothes you like, or can afford… other than at fast-fashion brands, then i have some great news for you!

i have been practicing yoga for over six years and for the past three years i have been living more sustainably and am more conscious about which brands i want to support (by buying their products). i did not want to buy yoga pants from a big fast-fashion brand, at a low price (that makes me question how ethical their production can be) anymore, which is why i was ecstatic when i discovered pineapple clothingpineapple’s products are made from sustainable materials, while waste is reduced through remanufacturing, reuse and recycling. their production is eco-friendly, cruelty-free and made in the US. but my favorite thing about the leggings i bought, is the seamless waistline.

it is the fist time i have bought a matching work-out set and there is little more motivating, than wanting to show off a new work-out outfit, at the gym! am i right? so there is really nothing keeping me form my daily yoga practice and honoring my new years resolution: hitting the treadmill, again.

no it’s going to get interesting for you! i am an ambassador for pineapple clothing and can give you 20% off + free shipping on your pineapple clothing order. just use this discount code: MADEROSE, or this linkget your fun work-out outfit (pineapple clothing also offers cute dresses), support the “right” kind of brand and feel fabulous when your strut your stuff at the gym!

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