back to the beginning….

when I mentioned to a friend that i edit my photos before posting them (nowadays a totally natural step… that i have had fun experimenting with) she shockingly said: “you can’t edit photos! they are documents!” one of the photographers who i greatly admire, was in fact her husband… who took the most magical photos without editing them whatsoever. the light and shadows were perfect…… without filters.

in the spirit of going back to the beginning (something i am confronted with constantly, while back in my hometown munich)…. last night, i found myself at the very subway station, that i got out at every morning for six years, to go to school….. isartor. i took these photos and am posting them now straight from my camera.

2015-05-07IMG_0183 - 2015-05-07IMG_0186 - 2015-05-07IMG_0192 - 2015-05-08IMG_0194 -

munich, germany… all photos by me

3 thoughts on “back to the beginning….

  1. Great post. You should ask your friend about how they feel about the processing done by the chip in the camera or if Ansel Adams darkroom work ruined his documents.

    1. i think it is just an interesting way to look at photography. it is important to stay open and experiment with different techniques. i personally enjoy all the possibilities we have now a days.

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