want to know what it’s really like being a freelancer in ny… having an creative-mind… fighting for sustainability… going on that self-love journey… growing up in a different culture than all your friends… or battling with mental-health? Or maybe you totally know what that’s like and you are looking for people you can relate to? 

your host, Madelaine ‘madeau’ West is a freelance art director and stylist, mothernature-loving, vagabond at heart, with a self proclaimed napoleon-complex, ever changing hair-styles and hopelessly dyslexic. she is inviting you to listen to honest and inspiring conversations with women about the creative mind, spirituality, mental health, inclusivity, sustainability, and female power. from her apartment on Ludlow St. in Manhattan, she introduces  you to fabulous, inspiring, courageous writers, spiritual coaches, designers, business owners, make-up artists, photographers, and other go-getters, to encourage you to live your fullest life and give you a sense of a community.

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