berlin braids

when my dear friend rachel came to meet up with me in berlin, you know i just haaaad to braid her hair… and you know we just haaaaad to do a photoshoot with two more of my creative-sistas. Photography – Sarah Engler Staring and Styling – Rachel Chiu Hair – Madelaine DeRose Schäfer Makeup – Natalia Soboleva Berlin, Germany

traveling jewelry

during my time in southeast asia i collected handmade and vintage artisan treasures that i found in remote places. most of the places i don’t think i would ever find again but i remember each and every beautiful-soul i bought them from. photos by Markus Vogel styling and make-up by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer please feel free to … Continue reading traveling jewelry

traveling kimono

working in fashion while having a more minimal life-style attempting to have a more minimal lifestyle can bring forth certain challenges. i know that having less stuff has certain benefits…. and due to my vagabonding around the world for the last year my personal closet mostly is in fact as suitcase or backpack, but playing with fabrics, textures, and colors is a part … Continue reading traveling kimono

urban combat

be ready for combat! combat that instantly makes you feel alive, where cold concrete can hit you like a right hook. combat that has your blood pumping with excitement when the next block, you are heading for, holds all the possibilities and has the potential to be the winning round.  Staring and Styling – Rachel Chiu … Continue reading urban combat

how to color fall

it’s getting colder and colder. people are no longer dressed in soft layers of summery brights, but suddenly the whole city has a grey vail of winter coats and hats. as soon as fall begins and the sun grows more and more seldom i yearn for color. from my archive i made a selection of my favorite colorful make-up looks. … Continue reading how to color fall

a vagabond’s jewelry

i often get asked about my jewelry….. no, i don’t take it off to shower or sleep. they are remembrances that tell magical little stories, in my vagabonding-adventure… like a tattoo, or a scar. also / especially the pieces that i traded along the way, with special ladies, like this time in kuala lumpur i also purchase artisan … Continue reading a vagabond’s jewelry