my favorite books!

so you might know this about me… or you  might have figure it out, by reading my posts, or captions…. i am really freakin dyslexic.

my mom could not have been better about handling it, when i was a kid and i am thankful for her telling my 3rd-grade teacher to ” go f**k herself” (in different words) when she said that i would never be able to read or wright properly… and for never taking me back to the “experts” who strongly advised her not to raise me bilingual. she taught me to never being dyslexic as an excuse for not being able to do anything, but more as the reason for being so extra-awesome. hehe.

getting carried away…. sorry.

she told me to read, read, read. and even though reading is in all honesty really really hard for me…. i do it. and one of my new years resolutions is to read every day (and i don’t mean instagram captions, newsletters, or my whole foods receipt (they can get quite long)). every day i ready either a novel, or a educational book.

i refer the educational books, that are either for spiritual, personal, or business growth to a lot of people, so i thought i would bring them all in one place. for you!

so here we go:

wheels of life by Anodea Judith was the first book that deepened my yoga practice off the mat. it is the absolute foundation if you learn about chakras… super understandable, with meditations, yoga easy yoga poses and symbolism. i love this book!




my dear friend Shay Lee, who i met in cambodia and then traveled with for over a month in thailand and laos gave me the power of now, by Eckhard Tolle. after her trip, back in her home town tel aviv, newly inspired and dare i say enlightened? from traveling she was put off by peoples attitudes… and always “running… running”. she read this book and i will be forever thankful to her for giving it to me. it introduced me to what it even mean to be “in the now”. my hubby read it at the same time as me and it was immensely helpful for going through a though time in our relationship. i don’t see how this book would not be beneficial to anyones life.

meditation & mindfulness, by Andy Puddicombe was a the christmas gift my hubby gave me, this year. yes, i am a yogi and have had some incredible madeitations, but i did not know how beneficial a daily meditation practice would be. this book talks you through the whole thing… it’s Andy’s mission to demystify meditation. so read this book, even if you have never even thought about meditating and have the misconception of thinking that you have to be dressed in white, sitting for hours, till your legs fall asleep, while waiting for enlightenment. and if it’s not enough to be on my favorite books list…. it’s on bill gates” too!

the creative habit – learn it and use it for your life, by Twyla Tharp was a gift from my sis. i have been rading it here and there for years. it breaks down the creative process and is an must-read for anyone who has a creative job… especially freelancers! it will get you out of a creative-rut and has a bunch of helpful excursuses to help you explore your creativity and how to use it.



letters to a young poet was a gift form a random guy i met in a cafe. (yeah, that actually happens a lot.) it is a collection of ten letters written by bohemian-austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke to Franz Xaver Kappus, from 1902 to 1908 who was seeking his advice as to the quality of his poetry, and in deciding between a literary career or a career as an army officer. his letters are so beautifully written and so full of wisdom and i have gifted it to many people, because even though they are more than 115 years old, his advice is still relevant and inspiring today.


when i got this book (thank you sis!) i didn’t necessarily think that i needed it. i consider myself a positive person. ok, do have the tendency to beat myself up, but just a couple of pages in, i realized that i really needed this book. and i am pretty sure…. you do to! it’s not about random affirmations, but about rewiring your brain to thinking knowing that your are successful (for example), after which you will act accordingly (the way a successful person would) and BAM… everything that i think i am not, or can’t is in the past. sounds good right? read this book!


to be continued….

clicking on any of the books, or links you will lead you to get lead to the US amazon shop, where you can buy them. i am an associate for amazon and will earn a commission if you purchase in the us. 

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