the teacher who didn’t like school

i was not someone who liked school…. at aaaaall! most of it was do to being really dyslexic…. but that’s for another post.

there was no way i ever saw myself in the teacher-role. (teaching my hubby yoga asanas, was as about as far as i would go.) but here i am… officially a teacher on my class “easy-guide to podcasting – without a big investment“, or “talk about stuff you love & get payed for it” are two of thousands of other classes, taught by totally awesome people.

i might not always be pro-technology, but the fact that it enables us to hop on to a sight like skillshare, and take classes on anything from photography, to coding, marketing, painting, and podcasting… at any time…. just blows my mind! for someone, like me who had a hard time learning in a classroom environment, but by nature is actually eager to learn, this is truly a game changer!

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