the cleanse… day 1.

being a yogi i naturally have a connection to the ayurvedic practices. in fact it was also my yoga teacher ursula, who recommended an ayurvedic cleanse to reset my entire body. she sent me the pdf. with over 20 pages of instructions, over 3years ago… and it has been sitting quietly in my laptop ever since.

but, now it is time. i researched, ordered, and gathered all the ingredients… and today was day 1.

now this is not my first cleanse… just like any new yorker, i had my fare share of juice-cleanses. right now i am looking for something else… something deeper. this cleanse does not include drinking wheatgrass shots. i will not be hangry, the rest of the week and i won’t have to spend a shit load of money on cold pressed juices, made by a cool dude with a mustache or a beauty in a crop top. most importantly it does not only focus on what we can / can’t eat, but this 4-day at home cleanse incorporates other methods of detoxing: breathing-techniques, massages, and meditation!

and it makes sense! why do we think we only need to cleanse our body through our digestive system? yes, our food intake does effect how we feel look and even behave, but infact clearing out our minds through meditation, as well as getting rid of toxins through our skin, is equally as important.

i know meditation is a touchy subject to many if us. the thought alone… “sitting still, not thinking about anything” (which actually has little to do with meditation) can cause anxiety. but with practice and dedication we might one day experience that feeling of “floating in the fullness of now” -as i like to describe it.

but maybe anodea judith puts it best in the book “wheels of life”:

“We take it for granted that we need to take showers, clean our houses, and wash our clothes. […] Yet, the mind and its thoughts need cleansing, perhaps even more than our bodies. The mind works longer, encounters wider dimensions, and runs the operating system of our life as well! While few of us would consider eating dinner on yesterday’s dirty dishes, we think nothing of tackling new problem with yesterday’s cluttered mind. No wonder we feel tired, confused, and ignorant!”

anyway, this 4-day ayurvedic cleanse puts equal emportance on cleaning the mind and the body. i will be sharing the exact steps and personal experiences with you the next days. but i can tell you this much: i am allreay dreading the 4tsp of melted ghee that are expecting me first thing tomorrow….

what do you think?

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