the cleanse… day 2.

last night, after eating an early dinner, consisting of the only thing i eat during this ayurvedic cleanse: khichardi, i head out to celebrate my friends’ 30th birthday. the she was celebrating with her closest friends, wine, and antipasti.

i was full, satisfied from my delicious dinner, that this cleanse instructed me to eat. but naturally i wanted some of the sweet smelling wine that was being pored, and the plates filled with olives, bresaola, and bruschetta which were being passed, and i asking myself: “why are you doing this?”

well the most obvious answer of course is “to detox my body“. i know i am not the only one who has that urge. (there was talk of nothing else after the oktoberfest…) even though i do consider myself being someone with a healthy diet… simply because i avoid chemicals in my food. i only buy organic groceries and cook fresh, with whole foods, using all those good things motherearth grows for us. (that’s my quick definition of “healthy” anyway.) then again… i am only human and i do from time to time devour a döner or will have that stupid snickers calling my name, from the vending machine. i also very much love a glass of wine with my dinner, or a well prepared cocktail. so there are some toxins in my little body, that have accumulated and could get a nice flushing.

other than that, i am also one of those people who have been struggling with a sensitive digestion. over the past months i have been cutting out food-groups and getting guidance and support in form of acupuncture, teas, and herbs by my doctor for TCM (traditional chinese medicine). when i asked his opinion on this ayurvedic cleanse to him, he said: “very good idea!”. so with this reset, i am giving my digestion a little rest and hoping to ultimately make it stronger.

and then there is one more reason…

i just love a good challengei give myself challenges to boost my creativity, to learn more about myself, to come over fears, to open my mind, to push myself, and to keep up my discipline. and it just so happens that this little cleanse of many of those topics!

the social-factor getting neglected is the reason why it took me so long to start this. i am very grateful for my network of inspiring, smart, diverse, confident, and creative friends i try too see as often as possible. not being able to fully celebrate my friends’ 30th birthday and to think that i had to cancel dinner plans and lunch meetings because of my cleanse, is definitely a down side.  but maybe that also shows us that we should take more time for ourselves? …especially if we notice something off with our mind or body we need to attend to it, first and foremost.

6b8aaa65518c233f61340354c10a5369and whereas i am enjoying the time with myself – my mind and my body, i am definitely looking forward to a good girls-night-out, a delicious dinner with my man, and christmas market goodies.

if you are also interested in doing your body and mind some good, stay tuned. i will definitely share summary of all my daily steps.

what do you think?

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