what deserves a spot in every make-up bag?

for the past 6 months i have not really had a place of residence…. a closet to hang my clothes…. a coffee-table to put my art books… or a bathroom to keep my make-up on beautiful display. i have enjoyed freeing myself from makeup completely (for the sake of being a preacher of “the most beautiful thing you can wear is your smilethis and this is me… #nomakeup).

my selection of make-up products, like my wardrobe (see how i still dress like i have a walk-in-closet (as iiiiiiiifhere) has greatly been downsized…. hence the fact that i have to be able to carry all of it, but let’s face it…. since my buzzcut it can’t hurt to… let’s say, “soften my look a biiiit…… so this is one of my current default looks.

madeau makeup beauty vagabondthese are the products i use: all no-fuss… keep what they promise… my all-time faves, and therefore absolutely deserve their spot in any make-up bag:

iiif i wear foundation (which is due to hot, humid asian weather kind of a… waste), i will use revlon, photo ready bb cream, skin perfecter with spf 30 only where needed. it is soooo light that it is not necessary to apply with precision…. aka only fingers needed.

the magical product i am kind of addicted to is mac cosmetics, mineralize skinfinish in soft and gentle. i use it on my cheeks and eyelids, only using my fingers (what a utensil-saver!). the shimmer is so naturally highlighting that it saves me many colors and brushes to sculpt my eyes. for a little more-defined look i add a gold / bronze eyeliner along both lashlines. the specific one i use is p2, perfect look kayal (a no-name drugstore product), but i love it because it is creamy, which causes it to blend nicely, and it has an included sharpener (no extra sharpener needed!)

l’oreal paris, lash architect is still the mascara of choice. just make sure to get the roots of the top row really well… but here i already revealed my very special no-fake-lashes ticks.

 and stila cosmetics, stay all day liquid lipstick is still my unconquered lip product (this classic deep red is fiery) i have told you about a miiiiiillion times (like here)… how it seriously last all day and because of its occupancy does not require additional lip liners (another product less to shlep!)

with my buzzcut i am liking more natural (not to say “bushy”) eyebrows (not the perfectly groomed look i used to do). benefit cosmetics, gimme brow is really good for this because it is volumizing and tinted… which naturally makes the brows look fuller, and sculpting… to control your hairs into the same general direction (upward and outward). (if that is not an all-in-one, then i don’t know…)

is there a super-efficient make-up product you would choose above any other?

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