the dudes… vol. 6

2015-04-07IMG_2882 -i meet “mr. betel nut”, as i called him… (if you have ever been fortunate enough to visit myanmar, then you will know what i mean.)2015-04-07IMG_2889 -and this cool dude, at the river banks of the irrawaddy river, where i had this unforgettable moment.

2015-03-18IMG_1616 - 2015-03-15IMG_1436 -uuuuuuhm…. yes, apart from these cool people, i meet in kuala lumpur, it was definitely a good place for some eye-candy. 

1980-01-01IMG_0194 -this is one of the peeps i shared a 6-bed (in vietnam that means 7 to 8 grown-ups, plus 2 to 3 kids) cabin with, on a 2-day train ride. (see my photos from that eventful ride here and here)

all photos be me

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