“you don’t look like a backpacker”…. how-to

“you don’t look like a backpacker” was definitely a compliment, that i was very pleased about (almost as much as when i got this one). not that being a backpacker is a bad thing, (not at aaaaaall) but while i dooooo carry all my possessions in a backpack, and i dooooooo call places like hanoi backpackers downtown my home for a couple of days… i personally prefer referring to myself as a vagabond. and fashion….. is just a part of me

madeau bali BG5A3349 so, to all fashion-loving backpackers, travelers, free spirits and new-york-size-closet owners….. here are my little tips when you want to make fun, colorful outfits from a small selection of clothes:

madeau bali vagabondBG5A3339 -my selection of tops (for instance) is small but offers a substantial version of shapes. one classic-white-tee, and a black-long-sleeve are the basics (but also suuuper-unexciting). i have looser shirts, ranging from cropped, to tunic-lengths. one body-conscious item is important for looser pants and generally good for layering. and that’s basically it. all of my tops are not too decorated or colorful, because that makes them more multifunctional. and of course (for temples, mosques, churches or over-air-conditioned planes/buses) you will need a cover-up that is chameleonic.

neutrals colors (black and white, grays, browns… etc.) and that good old denim, go with pretty much everything… (that pair of cut-offs are a definite classic) but if you (like me) love wearing colors and combining them with each other… here is what i do: if the non-neutral colors you pack, are geeeenerally in the same tones, it will be easier to combine them, especially if they are not too bright and more shades of inbetween-colors. in my backpack you will find any kind of berry-tone (anything between pinks, reds and purples).

the most difficult thing to combine might be the prints. try keeping them easy…. not too big and bold. soft batiks, micro-patterns or two-color prints are safe ways to spice up your outfit. they should definitely also be in the same color-family as your solid pieces.

i hope this helps a bit (please let me know if it does or doesn’t) but just so you know……

during my time in myanmar (who’s endless beauty i am still speechless about…) i added a couple exciting pieces to my backpack (of course not without giving some of the items, that have been traveling me for a while now, away….. to not up the weight of my backpack). they don’t only come with magical stories (that i have yet to transform into posts) but they are also good examples for the tips i just gave you.

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