the 50s english rose… how-to

as you know, do to my vagabonding, and my money geeeenerally going other places, than stores (like you might have read about last week) i no longer have a big selection of makeup products to choose from. (the couple i do always have with me, i reviewed for you in this post.) however,  i do still find joy in painting, cheeks, eyes, lips and playing with hair…  it’s all about having fun being a girl. am I right bruce caitlyn jenner!? (see her vanity fair cover story here)

often girls i have met along the way would ask me to braid their hair or do their makeup. “i would love to!” was always my answer. like lauren, a stunning english rose… absolutely gorgeous without a touch of makeup, who i met in kuala lumpur. she loved the idea of me giving her the whoooole treatment. you might already know… i have a toooootal thing for gingers… and who would turn down a girly-day on a rooftop? 

madeau makeup tutorial vagabondshe wanted me to give her a classic 50s-cat-eye look:2015-03-18IMG_3645 -2015-03-18IMG_3638 -

photos, hair (in my instagram you can get a better look at her milk maid braid) and makeup by me

i used the products from lauren’s makeup bag (and let me tell you she had a lot of good stuff to choose from):
on her eyes i used mac cosmetics eyeshadow in “mulch” (a natural-golden brown with a slight plumy-ness (which makes it perfect for green eyes, by the way)) and “dazzle me” (a golden peach with a frosted sheen). it seems to be a special edition…. (i hate special editions! remember my favorite color “performing art”, that i wore aaaaall the time? here you can revisit one of my many looks, i used it for). “dazzle me” was the base i used for both eyelids. “mulch” i blended into the aria where the upper eyelid naturally creases inward. and very lightly along the lower lashes, only on the outer half. of course, no 50s-make-up is complete without a good-old winged, liquid, black eyeliner. there are sooooo many different versions out there…. and it is totally a thing of preference. if i have the choice i would use a small flat angled brush and an eyeshadow that can be liquefied by adding water. the less-hassle and also beautiful method is a ready-to-use-product. i highly recommend l’oreal paris’ “lineur intense brush tip liquid eyeliner“. the mascara, i coated lauren’s lashes with, was maybelline new york’s “the colassar volume express“. (my second choice, after l’oreal paris “lash architect”, i reviewed for you here).

her eyebrows i treated, the way i always advise to… to achieve a natural groomed brow: use one or two matt-brown eyeshadow shades, that are a liiiitle bit darker than your eyebrow hair. carefully brush it on with an small angled brush, meaning: use little product on the brush and layer, combing the hair upward and outward, until the wanted darkness is reached. any brush that is not too flat and has natural bristles will do. (for example mac’s #263, or sephora’s #100). if you have thick or long eyebrow hairs, that do not like to stay in place (like me) you can additionally use a clear eyebrow gel.

of course the 50s-look would actually call for perfectly juicy red pout… but instead, i did this: i stained her lips with benetint cheek & lip stain by benefit, which i also used on the apples of her cheeks. stainers always want to be combined with the moisturizer of your choice and are not the easiest to deal with since they don’t allow mistakes, but knowing that and therefor applied with caution, i am a fan of the super long-lasting-ness. (i had the travel-version, “pocketpal”, that i wrote about here).

i did not want to alter her perfectly freckled skin too much, so after a little concealer under her eyes, i only added high beam face highlighter, also by benefit, to her cupids bow and brow bones.

et voilà!

the comment field below is for questions, and compliments to lauren.

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