benefits of having less stuff

i definitely had have tendencies of a horder…… (to my defense…. it runs in my family) but, since i am vagabonding the shit out of the last months i had to / wanted to / needed to take this chance to not only cleanse my mind (trusting the universe and all that), but also my closet (which has lately mainly been a backpack or suitcase)…. my makeup bag (now, only holding these few products)…. and even “cleansing” my bean with some clippers.

even though we (in europe, for example, where i have been since april) live in a society that prides itself on possessions….

(due to this crazy, magical journey i have been on) i can honestly say: “i absolutely don’t reeeeally want stuff….” now i prefer to spend my money on experiences and still find “giving to the universe” waaaay more rewarding.

 among friends i have been hearing “i just want to get rid of stuff”… to result in a more minimal life. speaking from experience, i know…. it ain’t easy.

so here are (my personal) in-a-nutshell benefits of owning less. just think about…..

  • how much better it is for the environment…. it’s not a secret that we are hurting mothernature 
  • how much more free you will be from the “comparison game”
  • that possessions from the past might be holding you back from the future
  • how much easier it is to find your lipstick / keys / sunglasses / cellphone if there is less clutter around
  • that the possessions that aaaare actually really important to you will have more focus
  • the money you will save… good-bye buyer’s-remorse
  • that the more you haaaave, the more you have to clean (yes, i haaaave heard that some of you actually enjooooy that….)
  • how finding out what your personal essentials are (like soap, water, contact lenses, flip-flops, etc.) is quite rewarding
  • how mooore is not better, but better is better
  • that if you do end up treating yourself to something you just waaaant it will be sooo much more rewarding, almost eventful. even if it is something small like nail polish or earrings.
  • how media promotes over-consumption and for the sake of younger generations, we could should in fact lead by example 
  • that even though it is understandably not “everyone’s thing” (which is of course totally cool), you might still inspire fiends or family, nonetheless.
  • that restraint is a form of discipline (a characteristic that i generally find respectable)
  • how freeing it truly is

the above moment was captured by leanna ( on one of those perfect days in bali indonesia, where mothernature was giving me so much…. that i really did not need anything else.

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