life is too short….

madeau hair beauty vagabond

since my buzzcut does not exactly give me much to play with……..

madeau makeup tutorial maccosmetics surely this is not a everyone / everyday look but it you are curious how i did it…..

all i did was draw my eyebrows with a metallic bright green eyeliner. the one i used was p2, fantastic chrome kajal in green emerald ….my go-to drugstore brand in germany)

for my lips i wanted a mat barely-there color. (i didn’t want them to distract from the green, but leaving them completely untreated didn’t seem right either…. if you are walking the streets with green eyebrows you gotta finish the whole look… you know what i mean?). i got this lipstick “twig” in a mac cosmetics goody-bag… and since i don’t have naturally defined i-am-not-wearing-lipstick-i-promise lips a shade like this can be helpful.

the rest of my face got treat the same way as i have been doing “what deserves a spot in my make-up bag?”

i will definitely be having more fun with this!

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