lost it… almost.

so yesterday i deleted my first blog…. the one i started back in 2013, in ny, in the middle of the night, because a mosquito was tormenting me. the first posts were mainly make-up tutorials (at the time i was a designer in a major fashion company and needed an outlet, to not die of … Continue reading lost it… almost.

berlin braids

when my dear friend rachel came to meet up with me in berlin, you know i just haaaad to braid her hair… and you know we just haaaaad to do a photoshoot with two more of my creative-sistas. Photography – Sarah Engler Staring and Styling – Rachel Chiu Hair – Madelaine DeRose Schäfer Makeup – Natalia Soboleva Berlin, Germany


i have never been a fan of darkness. those few seconds before my eyes adjust to the blackness of a unlit room tend to feel endless…. i have come to see the benefits the darkness has: imagine going into a pitch-black room, that has one light… illuminating an object. all of your senses will be drawn to … Continue reading darkness…

caught in the box?

  thinking inside the box is not the way to discover this magical planet. be free from judgment… preconception… and fear and you will find beauty and love. i have been traveling through morocco… yes, a moslem country. a county that maybe some are fearful of visiting (and from what the locals have been telling … Continue reading caught in the box?


rabat, the capital of morocco is one of those cities that is not talked about a lot…. at least i haven’t heard much about it before visiting it. i don’t know why it doesn’t get more credit. it has a buch of different sides to it: a fun medina (the old town), mausoleum of mohammed … Continue reading rabat-mix