i don’t follow rules

i think it is safe to say that no one really likes rules. if someone tells you “you must never watch this movie”, “go to that restaurant”, “or visit this city” would you follow that rule that was put upon you? especially knowing very well that that person has never seen that movie, eaten at that restaurant, or been to the city.

so why do we make so many rules for ourselves? i used to be very big on saying things like “i would never eat that!” this rule was not generally backed up by ethical reasons but actually  just because the thought of eating it seemed gross to me and i therefore decided that i wasn’t going to like it. it was also i who used to say: “i never want to go to mexico.” (i was very young, ok?) in this case there was no real reason to this inane statement, other than the way the country was portrayed in movies and shows, which made me decide that i wasn’t going to like it.

luckily i have matured since then and become a lot more open….

i have in fact eaten things i neeeever would have thought and honestly really liked. to try… everything, was a conscious decision when i moved to shanghai in 2014 and really got to act on during my vagabonding adventures in south east asia.

and last december… i found myself on a road trip through mexico. yup, i eventually saw that my rules were not worth respecting. i broke my own silly rules and i am glad i did! because go figure…. mexico is nothing like the image which i had in my teenage mind! from the tip of the mayan temples to the bottom of the cenotes…. magical

don’t we all have random rules that keep us from delicious tastes, warm encounters, and adventures?

i have heard many people make statements like “i would never move to           fill in the blank.” but aren’t we limiting ourselves with all these rules that ultimately keep us from living a full life and experiencing eveythig this beautiful planet has to offer? so forget those rules and don’t worry, the universe has got your back.

and even if i end up trying something, that i later decide is not for me…. then at least i know why i don’t like it and it is not hear-say or rumors that decide for me. (grilled frog in cambodia – yes! betel nut in vietnam – noooo!) and at least i got an experience out of it and maybe probably even learned something.  that is at least how i see it….

man… after throwing those rules over board that beauty, adventure, and deliciousness has not stopped

by the way… the above photo was taken in hierve el aqua, in mexico