the golden land….

the golden land… that’s what they call myanmar.

it is most likely referring to the pagodas, temples, statues and palaces gleaming in the deepest gold, scattered over the landscape like glistening freckles. this color of all colors might be accosted with decadence, superficiality, and material luxury….. but these words could not be further from what i experienced during my first from (hopefully) many visits to this treasurous country. the purest form of humble beauty, that i found in the luscious nature, tasted in every dish, and saw in the genuine smiles…… that is what makes this land golden.IMG_3401

IMG_3144 IMG_3610 IMG_4030 IMG_2556 IMG_3237 IMG_3180 IMG_3272 IMG_3215 IMG_3186 IMG_2269 IMG_2996 IMG_3659 IMG_2553 IMG_3633 IMG_3943 IMG_2983 IMG_3736 IMG_3391

myanmar (burma)… all photos by me

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