use your freedom

did you know that we can actually call ourselves quite lucky, for not having to wear uniforms? (if you don’t happen to be going to a school that requires such, or work in the military or similar… that is.) we have the freedom of not having to cover up our hair. we can choose from all the colors under the sun to dress in. we are free to wear sneakers, pumps, or over-knees.

i wish i would see more of us using that freedom…

granted, i am currently based in munich…. which is not exactly known for it’s creative vibrations, but even in new york there was definitely a black-skinny-jean-french-hair-leather-jacket uniform and the men doing the plaid-shirt-random-tattoo-skruffiness.

i am not saying that we should all force uniqueness by wearing a stuffed animal on our heads for example, but i am saying that we should be grateful for the freedom we have. we can use the freedom of being allowed to dress however we want and use it as a tool to express or personality and our mood. and we can finding pleasure in others using that freedom, as appose to judging them for looking different.

these photos were taken my dear friend shay lee nissim in pai, thailand. these sweet school girls came up and asked me to take part in an survey for school, to help them practice their english.  they: in their school uniform, while i was dressed in a traditional thai tunic that i found on a market the day before.

these fotos were also taken last year, during my time in pai, thailand. i got the treat of being allowed to watch the thai army during their daily routines.