little reminder

between airpanes, busses and trains i saw this post on instagram, with the words “none, but ourselves can free our minds” i thought i was a lovely little reminder on this crazy hectic friday in march. and here are more photos from our collaboration…. photography and graphics by kornelles wirawan. styling and make-up by me.

feel the wind

standing on this razor-sharp rock (that was rather painful to climb… and even harder to get down…) all i could see was the massive ocean and the endless sky…. it seemed like the end of the world. i could feel the wind on my skin and i had a moment of perfect peace….. having said … Continue reading feel the wind

not guilty

one of my guilty pleasures……. going through grocery stores or food markets and eating my way through the testers. ilove to try different things… so there. what are your guilty pleasures?

random act of kindness

today i was a blessed with a random act of kindness, that moved me to tears and strengthened my faith in the beauty of this universe. the story takes place at the little india subway station in singapore…. i was attempting to buy a one-way subway ticket, and wanted to pay with my card because the … Continue reading random act of kindness