the power of a smile

in my post on seeing things in the proper light, i mentioned that as soon as i smiled… suddenly (almost) everyone else was smiling, too. thats the power a little smile has. so in case you haven’t smiled yet….. here are some photos of my smiles…… (the kind of photos only a dear friend can take… … Continue reading the power of a smile

the proper light

i was having one-of-those-days…. (everything is stupid… everything feels heavy… everyone is unfriendly……no one is smiling) but i couldn’t be a crabby-pants for long, after i noticed the light falling so beautifully through the streets of kota kinabalu. my smile and therefore (almost) everyone else’s came right back. (but i’m not gonna lie…the coffee i had first, might … Continue reading the proper light

running in the rain

i was at cafe avocado (my go-to cafe in changgu, bali) with my spirit-sista leanna, when a downpour came over us, that made us wade through knee deep water, in order to get to the toilet…. once it had turned into a warm drizzle, i just had to go run in the streets….. to feel the cool … Continue reading running in the rain

little reminder

between airpanes, busses and trains i saw this post on instagram, with the words “none, but ourselves can free our minds” i thought i was a lovely little reminder on this crazy hectic friday in march. and here are more photos from our collaboration…. photography and graphics by kornelles wirawan. styling and make-up by me.

feel the wind

standing on this razor-sharp rock (that was rather painful to climb… and even harder to get down…) all i could see was the massive ocean and the endless sky…. it seemed like the end of the world. i could feel the wind on my skin and i had a moment of perfect peace….. having said … Continue reading feel the wind