the power of a smile

in my post on seeing things in the proper light, i mentioned that as soon as i smiled… suddenly (almost) everyone else was smiling, too. thats the power a little smile has.

so in case you haven’t smiled yet….. here are some photos of my smiles…… (the kind of photos only a dear friend can take… catching those spontaneous, unapologetic, double-chin smiles.

madeau smile cambodia laos vagabondDSC_0926 -madeau smile cambodia laos vagabondDSC_0691 - madeau smile cambodia laos vagabond0DSC_0214 -madeau smile cambodia laos vagabond110 - (1)madeau smile cambodia laos vagabondDSC_0625 -you know i have had a thing for smiles…. (ever since it was my new years resolution and simply because cool people smile)… i would love to hear about the little things that make you smile. and that’s what the comment field is for….

january 2015, cambodia and laos… all photos by shay lee nissim

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