standing on this razor-sharp rock (that was rather painful to climb… and even harder to get down…) all i could see was the massive ocean and the endless sky…. it seemed like the end of the world. i could feel the wind on my skin and i had a moment of perfect peace…..

madeau traveler bali indonesia beach nature
march 2015, secret island (that’s the name, i promise), bali, indonesia

madeau mid-week quote travel motivationhaving said that….. i don’t think you have to be traveling to experience a moment like that. close your eyes, wherever you are and feel. feel the snowflakes on your cheeks… or the down blanket covering you… or the escalator stairs under your feet.

5 thoughts on “feel the wind

  1. Deine Reise und Deine Gedanken zu begleiten ist spannend. Du machst tolle Photos, hast sehr kluge Gedanken, siehst phantastisch aus, ich würde sagen Du selbst bist ein Kunstwerk!!!!

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