random act of kindness

today i was a blessed with a random act of kindness, that moved me to tears and strengthened my faith in the beauty of this universe.

the story takes place at the little india subway station in singapore…. i was attempting to buy a one-way subway ticket, and wanted to pay with my card because the amount of cash i had, would either buy me two subway rides (of which one was to the airport, later that day) or one ticketand lunch. after finding out that there is no place i can buy a ticket with my card (really, singapore?)… no ticket in hand… i steped away from the counter and had one of my typical self-debates*…. as a woman taps me on the shoulder… puts a 5-dollar bill in my hand… tells me how she overheard my conversation at the counter… smiles… says “just take it”….. and walks down the stairs. slightly paralyzed by this woman’s kindness i was wishing i could have expressed my gratitude…… but i knoooow, the universe will also have her back. call it karma, if you want.
madeau lunch little india food plates2015-03-14IMG_1357 -
and back in little india…. i bought this delicious meal

give a stranger  something today. maybe a little flower or even a simple  big smile. it might make their day and give them a moment of happiness that they will remember for the rest of their life.

i would love to hear about your stories. in the comment field below.
*just walk to marina bay… but supposably it’s “very far”… and i dooo have flight to catch…. ach, i knew i shouldn’t have treated myself to that $4 almond magnum… no. that was totally worth it… juuuust bite the bullet and pick up more cash…. but the fees… for just a couple of dollars……… ok. no lunch…. no. then i’ll end up buying shitty food at the airport……….

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