traveling kimono

working in fashion while having a more minimal life-style attempting to have a more minimal lifestyle can bring forth certain challenges. i know that having less stuff has certain benefits…. and due to my vagabonding around the world for the last year my personal closet mostly is in fact as suitcase or backpack, but playing with fabrics, textures, and colors is a part of me. it’s my creative food….IMG_2776the items of clothing (similar to my jewelry) that have traveled with me have a special status…. but everyone has pieces like that, no? the leader of this select group of garments is a certain silk kimono that i purchased in suzhou. the moment i slipped the precious fabric over my skin, i felt like i was wrapped in clouds and it had to be mine. i have worn it to pagodas in myanmar, for walks by the seine, and in new york…. where the sartorialist caught me on prince street last summer.

the satorialist.jpg

march 2015… luang prabang, laos
april 2015… mandalay, myanmar (burma)
january 2015… phnom phen, kambodia
june 2015… paris, france
DSC_0292 2
febuary 2015… pai, thailand
march 2015… bali, indonesia

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