one of the best things i have ever done was to empty out my closet. and i am not talking about taking all the clothes out… folding them nicely… hanging them on same hangers…. and putting them back in an orderly manner. i am talking about taking the contents of my walk-in closet (which was part of my beloved shanghai apartment) dumping all my dresses, blouses, purses, pants, etc. on my bed (of course i laid them, but dumping sounds more dramatic) and inviting my friends over and said “please take everything!”

granted…. it was not a decision that i made just for the hell of it. it was more out of necessity. because about a week later i would leave this very apartment and start traveling for 5 months. ok, i’ll call it what is: “backpacking”.

anyway… this day (about one and half years ago) that i let go of so much that i thought i neeeeeded was so immensely freeing and i have been reaping the benefits of having less stuff ever since.

well why am i telling you this? because now my laptop is at the point of overflowing….. “no sufficient disk space” is a window that i have unfortunately come accustomed to and my hard drive accompanies me almost everywhere. no, i will not throw my laptop on my bed and let my friends have a go at it. i have been going through my archive of photos. my well-filled photo library that is partially well sorted but also has random folders of shots i took of little things that caught my eye. i will posting some of them… for your viewing pleasure…
and my laptop-decluttering.

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