5 grounding techniques

during this corona pandemic and the times of social distancing, it is absolutely normal to feel unsafe and like the ground has been ripped out from under you…. our creative minds need to stay focused and grounded and to not jump into the pool of fear and despair but rather keep track of our own truth, goals and new … Continue reading 5 grounding techniques

why i only eat plants

i used to consider my self a “vegan supporter”. whenever someone was vegan i cheered them on and followed that with” i could never…. “i love a good steak / sushi / weißwurscht”…. or “i have too many dietary food restrictions, not eating animal products would make it too difficult / impossible!”…. or “i only … Continue reading why i only eat plants

more morocco

morocco has so much more than you would think…. so here are more photos i took during my road-trip last summer july 2016, morocco…all photos by me