almond milk… made by madeau

I can tell you how good almonds are for you… and how delicious and versatile almond milk is, but you probably already know that. what you might not know, is how easy it its to make. and you definitely don’t know how rewarding it feels to make your own almond milk, with your own two hands (and a few other utensils).

the three reasons I started making my own:

  1. i had trouble finding a brand that ONLY has “water” and “almonds” in the ingredient list. and if i can’t read it, i don’t eat it (keep in mind that i am really dyslexic and that rules out a lot….. j.k.)
  2. i never found almond milk that is not sold in plastic…. and where I am not 100% plastic-free, I do really cut out a lot of things that come in one-time-use plastic.
  3. my sis assuring me that it is super easy!

so here I am, telling you that it is super easy.

making my own almond milk every couple of days, gives me a feeling of accomplishment and being all kinds of self-sufficient. and since I use almond milk every morning for my açaí and spirulina bowls (let me know if you wan to know more about that), making my own and not throwing a way a plastic bottle every couple of days, also makes my tree-hugging heart happy.

here is my super easy step-by-step recipe

what do you think?

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