what do you have?

your lives are filled with decisions that evidently result in sacrifices. my uncle marc brought it to the point when he said: “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything

when seeing other peoples’ lives… what they have… it is natural to second guess your decisions and the path you are on. the things we (for whichever reason) don’t have suddenly seem to be highlighted…

febuary 2015, pongour waterfall by dalat, vietnam

when i find myself in this (lets call it) mooode, i will recall my very own priorities. (figuring those out, is i guess the first step and (like most first steps) maybe the hardest.) i am grateful to be able to say that i generally know mine… and am more than willing to (continue to) build my life around them. when the appendant sacrifices seem to overweigh, i focus extra strongly on what i do have. i take that and ruuun with it (metaphorically….. and literally…..). what i have is my freedom. i am using my freedom to the fullest. squeezing it like a ripe lemon, blowing it up like a balloon, and stretching it like a rubber-band. (that it for the analogies…).

today, (in my post-yoga, post-coffe state) i think that is what leads to is a big part of a happy life.

thoughts like “i wish i had thaaaaat” (you know…. car / new sunglasses / comfort / security / apartment) are, at the very least, a waste of energy (which, as you might know, i advise to be selfish with). yes, ok… haaaave those thoughts…… i do. they are natural and we are all only human… but have them only for a little bit. then come back the priorities you chose, or will in the future focus on. (they actually constitute you and brought you to where you are.) see and feeeeel what you do have and make the most out of that. remember the analogies?

what do you think?

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