meet kuala lumpur

i love talking to strangers…. because everyone knows something you don’t. in kuala lumpur (having such a beautiful mix of everything)…. i had a bunch of lovely little encounters…. one of the coolest guys eeeever… complimented me on my buzz-cut and told me about his german ex-girlfriend, who he lived in the netherlands with. every city, i stay … Continue reading meet kuala lumpur

…a feeling you can’t buy

 the first day i met this beauty at a local restaurant. she was just so cute, and lovely, and made me feel so welcome. when i thanked her for that delicious lunch, she (like a lot of the women in asia) was very interested in my jewelry and pointed out my emerald ring, that she found particularly … Continue reading …a feeling you can’t buy

it’s all in the mix

i don’t really like to give reviews or recommendations of the places i visit… because everybody is into different things. but i do want to tell you about kuala lumpur… my first day…navigating my way through the streets in the center of the city, i saw every beautiful skin-tone you can imagine… every beautiful shape … Continue reading it’s all in the mix