meet kuala lumpur

i love talking to strangers…. because

everyone knows something you don’t.

in kuala lumpur (having such a beautiful mix of everything)…. i had a bunch of lovely little encounters….

one of the coolest guys eeeever… complimented me on my buzz-cut and told me about his german ex-girlfriend, who he lived in the netherlands with.madeau kuala lumpur malaysiaIMG_1567 -

every city, i stay a bit longer in has a “fruit-lady“, who i will frequent….  (the nicest one, with the best selection and best prices)
madeau kuala lumpur malaysia6IMG_1561 -

this cool man exports gigaaaaantic stones to brazil and insisted on paying for my lunch…..madeau kuala lumpur malaysia2015-03-15IMG_1526 -

these friends, with the naughty smirk, shared their grapes with me.
madeau kuala lumpur malaysiaIMG_1607 -

i got tips on how to find the best mango, from this lovely lady (who was about to go visit her mother (her moooother! eat more fruit, children…..))madeau kuala lumpur malaysiaMG_1610 -

warm eyes, warm smile…. and served me the perfect last malaysian lunch…..madeau kuala lumpur malaysiaIMG_2020 -

april 2015, kuala lumpur, malaysia… all photos by me

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