…a feeling you can’t buy

 the first day i met this beauty at a local restaurant. she was just so cute, and lovely, and made me feel so welcome. when i thanked her for that delicious lunch, she (like a lot of the women in asia) was very interested in my jewelry and pointed out my emerald ring, that she found particularly beautiful. i gave it to her. she couldn’t believe it (similar to the way i felt here) …. her eyes started tearing up…. she kissed the ring and gave me a big hug. i could see that my little gift made her feel as beautiful as i saw her……. a feeling you can’t buy.

madeau kuala lumpur malaysia6IMG_1556 -
march 2015, kuala lumpur, malaysia… photo by me

 the following days i came to her restaurant for lunch, i was always greeted with a warm smile, that made me feel like i had a friend in a strange (as in “stranger”) place….. a feeling you can’t buy.

giving and receiving gifts from the universe has been one of the most magical and rewarding parts of my vagabonding, and it’s generosity is endless.

i would love to hear your stories of when you received a gift from the universe and it gave you a feeling you can’t buy. that’s what the comment feel is for….

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