it’s all in the mix

i don’t really like to give reviews or recommendations of the places i visit… because everybody is into different things. but i do want to tell you about kuala lumpur…

my first day…navigating my way through the streets in the center of the city, i saw every beautiful skin-tone you can imagine… every beautiful shape of eyes, hands and bodies that were created. floral patterns and sparkly embroidery… shaved heads covered in sandalwood powder (to keep cool)… painted smiling faces… and edgy teens on skate boards, rockin some pretty fancy hairstyles. in one day, i froze my buzzcut off (cus i didn’t know about the sandalwood trick, yet) while listening to muslim pairs, coming from the megaphone of the national mosque, and later freezing on an air conditioned train, that was taking me to the hindu temple at the batu cave. my first lunch…. while i was the only female (young and blond on top of that…) the friendly man helping me choose (from all the delicious-looking and smelling food), made me feel welcome and did not charge a “foreigner price” (see how easy it can be, country-i-shall-not-name?) but at the same time well aware that i had not yet mastered the eating-with-my-hand technique, yet. high-tech pertonas towers and chines lanterns over dodgy alleys…. it’s all in the mix.

madeau kuala lumpur travelblog photoblog  2015-03-15IMG_1409 -madeau kuala lumpur travelblog photoblog 2015-03-15IMG_1399 -
madeau kuala lumpur travelblog photoblog 2015-03-15IMG_1368 - madeau kuala lumpur travelblog photoblog 2015-03-15IMG_1383 - madeau kuala lumpur travelblog photoblog 2015-03-15IMG_1386 -madeau kuala lumpur travelblog photoblog 2015-03-15IMG_1541 -
madeau kuala lumpur travelblog photoblog 2015-03-15IMG_1411 -
March 15th, kuala lumpur, malaysia… all photos by me

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