more hydration

in this post i already mentioned how essential for eeeverything hydration is, and what i use to moisturize my face (from the outside…. because drinking  water is at leeeeeast as important! so everybody reading this, take a big drink of water) this was me (back in december 2014) in thailand’s erawan national park (getting my vrksasana on), but if you … Continue reading more hydration

one dress…..

running around ubud… in one of those dresses that i will cherish my whole life… not only because it is one of the most comfortable things in my vagabond-closet aka. backpack, aaaand at the same time the most perfect summer dress, but because someone special (me dear friend christa, who wore it herself in the 70s) gave it … Continue reading one dress…..

a little gloss

obviously my make-up is soooo much more simple than it used to be………… but, i am working on a post about the few beauty products i do still have. photo by leanna (

meet angie…

swiping through instagram i realized that i never told you about angie… i met angie (back in new york), because i was looking for cool new jewelry labes for a magazine editorial, i was styling. she came over to my appartment and i emidiately fell in love with her natural coolness. we have been friends … Continue reading meet angie…