meet angie…

swiping through instagram i realized that i never told you about angie…

i met angie (back in new york), because i was looking for cool new jewelry labes for a magazine editorial, i was styling. she came over to my appartment and i emidiately fell in love with her natural coolness. we have been friends ever since. friendship filled with support, creativity honesty and some great t.m.i. talks! (and did i mention that she has the most beautiful hands eeever?)

 i admire her courage and drive to build her own jewelry line (while raising a baby! can i get a superwoman!?) and she inspires me to… just go for it. she is one of those people that can make things (that you build in your head to be impossible or silly) seem absolutely easy… and make you wonder why you haven’t already done it.

diabolikill jewelry

so when i saw her instagram (@diabolikill) with angies’ newest work (that i am totally loving, by the way. you go guurl!), i remembered that she was one of the first people who i mentioned, staaaarting my own blog to (here my very first little post) and how grateful i am to have inspiring people in my life ……..hoping (with this quote in mind…) that maybe i do the same for others.

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