the solution to (almost) everything…

i think it is safe to say that in the last 5 months (since i started vagabonding through south-east asia), i have spent more time in the sun, than i have ever before. even though i don’t lay on the beach, asking the sun draw the lines along my bikini, and i try to protect my skin (not only with my collection of #vagabondheadwear) but exploring the endless beauty of #mothernature… and then those bali #beachphotoshoots (see the photos to the #s here) have given me a rather nice version of a farmers-tan. unfortunately i have definitely noticed my face showing signs of too-much-uv.

the solution (like for most beauty health issues) is hydration. and as far as the face goes i have one simple answer for you… elizabeth arden, eight hour cream

madeau elizabeth arden eight hour cream skin beauty

it is really rich where even the pea-size amount i use, will leave you looking like a freshly groomed curl on john travoltas head, in the movie grease. (which is why i tend to use it at night) but trust me, you will notice how your face is just loving that delicious hydration.

the nail polish in this picture is my vampire is buff by o.p.i.

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