one dress…..

running around ubud… in one of those dresses that i will cherish my whole life… not only because it is one of the most comfortable things in my vagabond-closet aka. backpack, aaaand at the same time the most perfect summer dress, but because someone special (me dear friend christa, who wore it herself in the 70s) gave it to me.
madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4216madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4232madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4240madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4242madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4048madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4053 madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4050madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4263madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4249 madeau bali indonesiaBG5A4253march 2015, ubud, indonesia… all photos by leanna

and some tips on how to not look like a backpacker are coming up next week!

what do you think?

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