fantastic four… vol. 3

after vol1. and vol. 2, this is a very natural make-up look….. still (for the sake of minimizing, and a good old challenge to myself) i only used a total of four make-up products: foundation, eye shadow, lip and blush cream and mascara. it might just be me… but i feel like with a very natural make-up look, … Continue reading fantastic four… vol. 3

get dirty

i have never been afraid to get my hands dirty…. it’s fun. click here for vol.1 of this shoot photography by Leanna Jean styling and make-up by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer Bali, Indonesia

the secrets in this room….

on yet another perfect day on bali, with my soul-sista leanna, we passed this room…. that was filled wish secrets and seemed to have it’s very own stories to tell…. of course it had to be a backdrop for one of our photoshoots. remember this outfit, that literally made me dance? these lived walls and … Continue reading the secrets in this room….

all i am wearing today…

it’s finally summer in germany. skin is showing… eyes are hidden by sunnies… and pools, lakes, rivers, beaches are preferred hangouts. i was never one to do a whole-makeup-face in combination with a bikini….so on my way to the badeshiff (a pool in the river spree), in berlin i am only wearing mascara and one … Continue reading all i am wearing today…

fantastic four… vol. 2

this is the second makeup look (see vol. 1 here) that i did only using four products : foundation, face shimmer, lip pencil and mascara. if you don’t like to apply liquid foundation with your fingers, a compact that comes with