how to color fall

it’s getting colder and colder. people are no longer dressed in soft layers of summery brights, but suddenly the whole city has a grey vail of winter coats and hats. as soon as fall begins and the sun grows more and more seldom i yearn for color. from my archive i made a selection of my favorite colorful make-up looks. … Continue reading how to color fall

a vagabond’s jewelry

i often get asked about my jewelry….. no, i don’t take it off to shower or sleep. they are remembrances that tell magical little stories, in my vagabonding-adventure… like a tattoo, or a scar. also / especially the pieces that i traded along the way, with special ladies, like this time in kuala lumpur i also purchase artisan … Continue reading a vagabond’s jewelry

fantastic four… vol. 3

after vol1. and vol. 2, this is a very natural make-up look….. still (for the sake of minimizing, and a good old challenge to myself) i only used a total of four make-up products: foundation, eye shadow, lip and blush cream and mascara. it might just be me… but i feel like with a very natural make-up look, … Continue reading fantastic four… vol. 3

get dirty

i have never been afraid to get my hands dirty…. it’s fun. click here for vol.1 of this shoot photography by Leanna Jean styling and make-up by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer Bali, Indonesia

the secrets in this room….

on yet another perfect day on bali, with my soul-sista leanna, we passed this room…. that was filled wish secrets and seemed to have it’s very own stories to tell…. of course it had to be a backdrop for one of our photoshoots. remember this outfit, that literally made me dance? these lived walls and … Continue reading the secrets in this room….