we all love looking through old photos, having stories to tell and collecting little artifacts of remembrance.

the urge to go back in time, or back to a place is a feeling that essentially is hindering me from being able to see the beauty that surrounds me at this very moment. and i kind of already established here that this is not reeealy what i want. i am however a fan of reminiscing… remembering something that puts a smile on my face.

photo by leanna (

don’t go back. move forward and go. but go ahead and reminisce. go ahead and recall all the unbelievable things you have experienced (thinking, that was meeeee doing that!?). go ahead and remind yourself of the incredible moments of pure perfection. go ahead and retell them…. to inspire and share this world’s infinite beauty.

by the way…. i originally wanted to post some photos of my favorite places i have been. well, guess what -i just couldn’t decide on an amount that would fit into one post. but my vagabond-birthday is coming up sooooon so you might get a little retrospect of some sort, then. 

i would love to hear about your favorite moments to reminisce! some come on and use the shiiiit out of the comment field below. (i know i am not the only one who loves a good old #tbt)

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