first stop: zhangjiangjie

in the spirit of reminiscing… i went through my archives and started with the first stop after leafing my last place of residence. a 30-something train ride away from shanghai, china lies the city with the un-pronouncable (and nearly impossible to spell if you are dyslectic…) name zhangjiajie.

IMG_0532 IMG_0387 IMG_0488 IMG_0168IMG_0603 IMG_0394IMG_0632 IMG_0206 IMG_0208 IMG_0527 IMG_0400 IMG_0164IMG_0711

zhangjiajie, china (chinese: 湖南张家界国家森林公园)…. all photos by me

here you can see the first photos i posted of the home of the reeeeal avatar mountains! [from the archive:] did you also think that the incredible scenery in “avatar” was entirely created in the phantasy of uber-creative-movie-set-designer-minds? in that case…. like me….. you were wrong. but actually it makes sense that only mother nature can think of something this breathtakingly beautiful….. and she decided on zhangjiangjie, hunan province in china to display her creation.

what do you think?

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