hitchhiking through malaysia

sometimes i do things and think to myself “this is prooobably not the smartest thing to do…. you are kind of putting yourself in danger right now…… if mom knew what i am doing……” those were pretty much my thoughts as i was hitchhiking through malaysia. to be more exact, the very remote state, sabah, that presented me with the most untouched land i saw during my entire time in southeast asia. (like you might have seen in these photos i took in kinabatangan.) but what should i say?….i love taking risks. after all it was a risk i took that started off my vagabonding and all those crazy adventures, challenges and connections i have experienced since……
IMG_1690anyway, this particular “risk”…. (hitchhiking with who-knows-whom, to i didn’t-really-know-where, without aaaanyone knowing where i was and without aaaany way of communicating this, in a vehicle that itself was not exactly safe (due to the lack of a seatbelt or even a seat)) also ended up paying off. i ended my ride at a market that i never would have come across sticking with a more “safe” way of transportation. the kind of market treasure, that i was constantly on the hunt for.IMG_1715 (1)2015-03-20IMG_1669 - 2015-03-20IMG_1674 - 2015-03-20IMG_1663 - 2015-03-20IMG_1665 - IMG_1738 2015-03-20IMG_1671 - IMG_1677 IMG_1744 IMG_1679 (1) IMG_1684 IMG_1681 IMG_1713 IMG_1689 IMG_1740 IMG_1692 IMG_1685 IMG_1709 IMG_1693 IMG_1688 IMG_1687 IMG_1698 IMG_1707 IMG_1710 IMG_1742 IMG_1720 IMG_1739 IMG_1736kundasang, sabah, malaysia… all photos by me

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