the dudes… vol. 5

one post on the beautiful men of bali just wasn’t enough…. march 2015, bali, indonesia… all photos by me

…a feeling you can’t buy

 the first day i met this beauty at a local restaurant. she was just so cute, and lovely, and made me feel so welcome. when i thanked her for that delicious lunch, she (like a lot of the women in asia) was very interested in my jewelry and pointed out my emerald ring, that she found particularly … Continue reading …a feeling you can’t buy

the dudes… vol. 4

want to know where you can find men with warm smiles, sparkling eyes, and the most perfect effortless style? bali! march 2015, bali, indonesia… all photos by me

the dudes… vol 3

 yes, i have already shared a lot of pictures form laos….. here are some of the dudes. january 2015, laos…. all photos by me