the dudes… vol. 7

looking in the faces of the men in myanmar…… you could tell that they had stories to tell. the dudes of myanmar… all photos by me

the ladies… vol. 7

through my traveling i have not only had the privilege to see how perfect mothernature is… but every kind of beautiful smile that undeniably warms the heart. the beauties of bali, kuala lumpur and yangon… all photos by me

the dudes… vol. 6

i meet “mr. betel nut”, as i called him… (if you have ever been fortunate enough to visit myanmar, then you will know what i mean.)and this cool dude, at the river banks of the irrawaddy river, where i had this unforgettable moment. uuuuuuhm…. yes, apart from these cool people, i meet in kuala lumpur, it … Continue reading the dudes… vol. 6