…go back

the feeling of wanting to move on, wondering if i am in the right place and wanting to see more, and the feeling of missing-out has accompanied me all my life. but now i am experiencing a new feeling: the feeling of wanting to go back…. being a vagabond and having had the privilege of experiencing all kinds … Continue reading …go back

the ocean… by tara

“the ocean doesn’t hold its breath” – tara judelle ….even though the ocean was not always my friend. (being one of those kids who did not like swimming in the ocean… or even lakes, for that matter.) (which did not stop me from getting my padi open water diving license earlier this year in cambodia … Continue reading the ocean… by tara

the dancing amazon

remember when i told you about the energy in this room? leanna felt it too…. march 2013, ubud, bali… all photos of leanna by me

the journey to happiness

is it too presumptuous of me to say… “everyone is on the journey to happiness”? don’t worry…… i will not start philosophizing about the definition… what it means to each individual… or how it can be achieved. frankly it would be endless. instead i will share the beautifully simple way tara judelle put it, in one of … Continue reading the journey to happiness

get dirty

i have never been afraid to get my hands dirty…. it’s fun. click here for vol.1 of this shoot photography by Leanna Jean styling and make-up by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer Bali, Indonesia