the secrets in this room….

on yet another perfect day on bali, with my soul-sista leanna, we passed this room…. that was filled wish secrets and seemed to have it’s very own stories to tell…. of course it had to be a backdrop for one of our photoshoots.BG5A5257

remember this outfit, that literally made me dance? these lived walls and dirty floor made me feel like a fierce-gypsy-yoga-dancing-warrior (i know it’s contradiction in itself…… but you know what i mean) BG5A5259BG5A5277BG5A5282BG5A5268BG5A5269BG5A5295 BG5A5350 BG5A5355 BG5A5356 BG5A5364 BG5A5366 BG5A5373 madeau leanna jean photography bali vagabond editorialBG5A5375 BG5A5407madeau leanna jean photography bali vagabond editorial

bali, indonesia… all photos by leanna

styling and make-up by me

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