the dudes… vol 3

 yes, i have already shared a lot of pictures form laos….. here are some of the dudes. january 2015, laos…. all photos by me

meet angie…

swiping through instagram i realized that i never told you about angie… i met angie (back in new york), because i was looking for cool new jewelry labes for a magazine editorial, i was styling. she came over to my appartment and i emidiately fell in love with her natural coolness. we have been friends … Continue reading meet angie…

little india

march 2015, little india in singapore… all photos by me

not guilty

one of my guilty pleasures……. going through grocery stores or food markets and eating my way through the testers. ilove to try different things… so there. what are your guilty pleasures?

blue backdrop

one of the funnest parts of my week (only! i know…) on bali were all the spontaneous photoshoots leanna and i did. suddenly we would find ourselves walking past the most perfect backdrops… do you know what i mean? and i can’t wait to show you our work.

it’s all in the mix

i don’t really like to give reviews or recommendations of the places i visit… because everybody is into different things. but i do want to tell you about kuala lumpur… my first day…navigating my way through the streets in the center of the city, i saw every beautiful skin-tone you can imagine… every beautiful shape … Continue reading it’s all in the mix