thank you again to this lady, otherwise i probably wouldn’t have been able to see this: march 14th 2015, marina bay, singapore… all photos by me

a little gloss

obviously my make-up is soooo much more simple than it used to be………… but, i am working on a post about the few beauty products i do still have. photo by leanna (

the dudes… vol 3

 yes, i have already shared a lot of pictures form laos….. here are some of the dudes. january 2015, laos…. all photos by me

meet angie…

swiping through instagram i realized that i never told you about angie… i met angie (back in new york), because i was looking for cool new jewelry labes for a magazine editorial, i was styling. she came over to my appartment and i emidiately fell in love with her natural coolness. we have been friends … Continue reading meet angie…

little india

march 2015, little india in singapore… all photos by me

not guilty

one of my guilty pleasures……. going through grocery stores or food markets and eating my way through the testers. ilove to try different things… so there. what are your guilty pleasures?